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Best 5 Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Bag Manufacturers in China

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Intro: Cosmetic bags are something everyone needs. If you are traveling somewhere or even in your daily life, you can organize your cosmetics in eco-friendly mesh bags.

No one wants their cleanser to be in one bag and their toner in the other bag. To organize your skincare routine, you have to get yourself a sustainable cosmetic bag.

You must be thinking, why eco-friendly cosmetic bags?

Well, first of all, you should know that synthetic shopping bags take more than a hundred years to decompose, and in this way, they pollute the ecosystem.

The particles of plastic can even enter the water and cause diseases in humans. The best way to support the ecosystem and sustain its structure is to use eco makeup bags.

That way, we can protect our ecosystem and environment.

Here below are the top 5 Eco-Friendly cosmetic Bag manufacturers in China.



Top 5 Eco-Friendly cosmetic Bag manufacturers in China

This post is about the manufacturers of sustainable makeup bags. The top five makers of eco-friendly toiletry bags are.

1. LengthBag Makeup Bags Manufacturers

2. Classic Packing - China's Number One Cosmetic Bag Supplier

3. Changlin Industrial

4. Nantong Besen Ind. and Trading Co.,Ltd

5. TongXing Bags

These are the brands that make eco-friendly cosmetic bags, and not only are they friendly to our ecosystem, but they also come in trendy and beautiful designs.


1. LengthBag Makeup Bags Manufacturers

About the Company

Location: Jiangsu China

Founding Year: 2010

Trained Staff: 200

Type of Company: Manufacturing

LengthBag has the best designs for makeup and sanitary bags with various options for colors and the best eco-friendly material. Classic packing provides wholesale custom cosmetic bags at lower rates and quality material.

The company has been working f0r 12 years and striving hard to provide high-quality customized designs made of material safe from the environment. They have 3000 plus designs of bags to choose from.

Length bag has customers worldwide who purchase bags made from eco-friendly sustainable materials.LengthBag manufacturers are known for their speedy delivery and best quality worldwide. They have many best-selling eco-friendly cosmetics bags.

LengthBag makes sure that nature remains unharmed in producing these makeup bags. Many famous companies use LengthBag for the production of their bags.

The companies include ASOS, Bershka, VERSACE, and DSQUARED2. You can get eco-friendly wholesale custom cosmetic bags at reasonable prices without negotiating quality.

What LengthBag Offers

  • LengthBag makes these custom toiletry bags according to the global recycling standard. The list of cosmetic bags from LengthBag can be seen below:

  • 21LE0612 Pu Cosmetic Bag s6

  • 21LE0611 Cosmetic Bag S6

  • 21LE0603 Cosmetic Bag S6

  • 21LE0604 Portable Cosmetic Bag S6

  • 21LE0502 Disney Cosmetic Bag S5

  • 21LE0602 Pu Makeup Bags S6

  • 21LE02025 Leopard Bag Set S2


2. Classic Packing - China's Number One Cosmetic Bag Supplier

They are one of the best manufacturers of eco-friendly cosmetic bags. While traveling, you can use the bags or sort your beauty essentials in different pouches for your ease and comfort.

These cosmetic bags are made of natural materials like canvas, and the main objective of these eco-friendly sanitary bags is to satisfy the customer's needs.

The collection includes different sizes, and you can use the longer ones for keeping the brushes and square ones for makeup and skincare.

The printed designs of these eco-friendly sanitary bags are very feminine and funny. They attract me, and I am sure you will like them once you look at them.

If they are too much for your makeup, you can always free up one cosmetic bag and put your USB drives and hands-free or other important stuff for safekeeping.

About the Company

Location: Wenzhou China

Trained Staff: 300+

Founding Year: 2007

Type of Company: Manufacturing

China's cosmetic bag supplier is also famous for its non-polluting cosmetic pouches. They come in stunning designs and colors, but they are also affordable and reasonable in customer service.

You can get these bags from this manufacturer wholesale as they have the most significant units on 9000 square meters of land.

They are working hard to produce sanitary bags for their clients according to their needed size and color.

They treat their clients as if they are their partners and are willing to print the names of your company on their sanitary bags.

Wholesale cosmetic bag suppliers offer low-cost sanitary bags because they have trained staff working efficiently to produce many hygienic bags in less time.

You can easily communicate with them and send your queries online, and set an online meeting to order.


3. Changlin Industrial Co., Ltd.

They have the brilliant idea of making eco-friendly cosmetic bags. The need of the day is to reduce the use of material that is not recycled and is nonfriendly to nature.

You can get these bags in the skin and off-white colors, and the straws used are natural and renewable paper straws.

The quality of the material is excellent and reassuring. These bags are available in different sizes.

This durable and sustainable makeup bag is your beauty essential, and it can conveniently accommodate several makeup accessories.

About the Company

Location: China

Founding Year: 2017

Type of Company: Manufacturing

Changlin Industrial makes its products using paper straws and is very famous for its trendy and good quality bags.

They have been making sanitary bags f0r 20 years, and they have very established Units of factories working in China. They provide wholesale custom cosmetic bags of high quality that are nature friendly.

They can provide the sample in just 4-5 days if you want to order in bulk. Also, these eco-friendly makeup bags are available at preferential prices by the Changlin Industrial.


4. Nantong Besen Ind. and Trading Co.,Ltd

About the Company

Location: Jiangsu, China

Trained Staff: 200+

Founding Year: 2010

Type of Company: Manufacturing

Nantong Besen has been working for 12 years, and they export high-quality bags like cosmetic bags, tote bags, backpacks, men's toiletry bags, toiletry hanging bags, shopping bags, weekend bags, and toiletry bags worldwide.

They offer the best design, and their advanced equipment and trained staff allow the company to provide speedy delivery of these beauty essentials. The product quality is checked very strictly, and the pricing is quite reasonable according to the quality of the custom cosmetic bags.

Nantong Besen Industries provides eco-friendly toiletry bags made of suitable quality materials and exported worldwide. You can get plain ones that come in different colors, or you can get them printed according to your taste.

Cosmetic Bags

You can store your makeup, cosmetic brushes, and beauty blenders in eco-friendly makeup bags from Besen. They have the equipment to produce eco-friendly cosmetic bags in different designs.

They also offer quality cosmetic bag sets for girls to keep and sort their beauty essentials. The collection has a large, medium, and small eco-friendly cosmetic bag that can be used as a toiletry bag if your need is fulfilled.

You can get a printed cosmetic bag with a print also, and the plain ones are also available in colors like blue, black, grey, and pink.

Being a good human, you should try to get eco-friendly makeup bags for the sustainability of the environment.


5. Tong Xing Eco-Friendly Makeup Bag

You can get customized entirely cosmetic bags from Tong Xing. The designs they already have are pretty eye-catching, and you'll want to have them too.

These bags are made of eco-friendly cotton material with a zipper and are best for storing your makeup or toiletry. You can buy these top-quality cosmetic bags in different materials like PU, PVC, Jute, or polyester.

About the Company

Location: Guangzhou, China

Type of Company: Manufacturing

Tong Xing is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic bags made by professional designers and trained workers. They are available online 24 hours for all queries and orders.

They are the suppliers of wholesale custom cosmetic bags for storage purposes.

They guarantee you on-time delivery with high quality and durable material. The customers are all about praise in the reviews. They are providing bags to Disney, Pepsi, and Coca-cola.

The material they use can be PVC or eco-friendly cotton canvas, or PU. You can customize the logo and size in some designs. They also offer almost completely customizable bags.

Tong Xing bags are made of natural cotton, and you can get them custom-made with the designs and prints of your choice. You can also choose from their already existing structures and equally pretty colors.


With the increase in pollution and climate change, there is a great need for us to be responsible and take care that the daily-use products in our life are not made while harming nature.

We should make sure that the products we use routinely are made from natural eco-friendly materials. Makeup bags are the need of females and are used in various ways. Females need them for sorting makeup, skincare products, and sanitary stuff.

Several companies are providing nature-friendly customizable cosmetic bags. These bags come in various sizes and designs. You can also customize them according to your taste and need.

All the above companies have made it their point to provide the customers with the best quality bags that are pleasant to the eyes and can be utilized daily.

They offer the facility to make the bags according to your design; the bags are made from sources that do not pollute or harm our environment. If you are curious about them, you can read their good online reviews.

All of these manufacturers have the best factories and workers that help make the bags best for makeup storage.

At Length, we have established a brand you can trust to deliver quality eco-friendly products. Reach out to us and let our support team guide you with any purchases and inquiries you may have. Our team gives exclusive service to all our clients’ needs and ensures they are satisfied with the service, as per the training they are given. Share with us your requirements and suggestions, and we will deliver.

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