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In order to make sure the process goes smoothly and efficiently, designers should be provided with as many options from suppliers during their communications regarding what exactly they want on these products so there aren't any surprises when deadlines approach.


The customer is always looking for new ways to reduce costs and improve quality. They have 400 models designed in FW 2016 had an extremely low success rate, With only 100 models actually go to market!

Either suppliers couldn't do it or costs were high, which led too much wasted time and energy on this project.


We held video conference meetings with customer's designer twice a week during the development stage, providing corresponding options on design intent for fabrics and trims, helping designers to understand each step of samples developement in the whole processes.


We develop 100 models for the customer in SS 2017, 70 of them were produced in bulk, and the sales were 35% higher than last year.

״The professionalism of their development team made it possible for us to achieve our goal, which had been very difficult before they came on board. They are truly great!״

Regina P.

Buyer Manager

Customer's feedback

About the Customer

This customer is a streetwear brand established in 2013, Growing very fast and hoping to improve the supply chain efficiency of their products.

Case #1- Streetwear Brand

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