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Why Lengthbag is Your Premier Choice

Our Bestsellers

We offer our clients competitive prices on our products without compromising on quality.

Competitive Price

Ready your samples in 3 days, Finish your production in 25 days, Fast is a promise to our  clients.  


Our bags are produced from recycled materials, ensuring that no harm is done to our precious nature.


We are a trusted manufacturer for some of the world's most iconic companies:

Eco-friendly and committed to green manufacturing

How we can help

See how we can drive your brand through top grade bags by browsing our project cases.


Sustainable Supply Chain

Fabric Variety

Sample Development

Department Store

Design Recommendation

Reliable Quality

Sustainable Supply Chain


Design Recommendations

Rapid Supply Chain

Flexible MOQ

Step 1


7-10 days

Step 2


3-7 days

Step 3


Production Preparation

7-10 days

Step 4


Bulk Manufacturing

10-20 days

Step 5


Quality control

1-3 day

Step 6



10-20 days

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

See our process and flow to the below 6 easy steps

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Cosmetic Bags




Bum bag/Waist bag


Tote bag


Lunch bag



Our Collections


You are given free choices not only on any fabrics, accessories and colors, but also on suppliers of material.


The functions like water resistance, Anti-cutting, Insulation to suit for varies of applications.


Any pattern, details and construction you wanted will be met through workmanship, printing, embroidery, etc.


Your unique packaging to match with your brand image in forms of bags, boxes, cartons can be customized as you wish.

Customize Each Detail by you Needs

Best Experience Ever


“Best Experience ever! Length always deliver high quality products to my customers and they've never once complained.”

Kenny Stutes

Length Bags is Amazing


“Length bag is amazing! I know nothing When I get into this industry, Length helped me a lot to make my thoughts to reality.”

Amelia Banks

Our Clients Love Us

They Know What to Do

“They Know what to do, During the whole process of purchasing, They made me feel very safe. Their team is one of the best!”

Dave Reddington


Creating Memories and Relationships

Backpack Manufacturers

Lengthbag creates high-quality bags that trigger the urge to buy many. We have always believed in leaving an impression everywhere we go. Our motive is to fuel our clients with the best bag collection. Every type that elevates your inventory, from backpacks to cosmetic bags, is available here. We don’t care if you like our currency designs; we are always open to change and your ideas. Partnering with us gives you a new vision, agility, and scalability. 

Manufacturing and Transporting

Collecting all the materials and experienced artisans is not enough. Streamlining them in the same direction and goal is equally important. Lengthbag believes in quality execution of all the collected material and converting the visualized design into reality. We collect, implement and bring out the best products. Our development, designing, and product managing departments ensure that the client’s instructions and requirements are perfectly met. Once ready, we also take the responsibility of transporting the finished orders to the desired destination. We know how difficult it is to coordinate transportation. To take off this responsibility, we handle the transportation.

Material Sourcing

Lengthbag has a huge client base that is retained on the standard of quality. We prioritize the quality we use and manufacture. Quality is not just our priority but the essence of our business. We source the highest quality to keep our clients satisfied and sustainable in the market. Lengthbag makes sure the quality we use aligns with our client's expectations. Furthermore, the quality of the backpacks should comply with the relevant laws. Lengthbag takes care of legal compliance. We have global connections for sourcing material and an intimate understanding of how to develop the same product our clients expect. 


Lengthbag works with you from start to end. From conceiving the idea to turning it into reality, we try to give you the best output. In an era where competition is cutthroat and earning a reputation in the market is the real wealth, we try to serve you with pure dedication. Our team is well-aware of the market trends and how they change from time to time. With their excellent observation and proactive approach, Lengthbag provides you with an impressive range of bag collections. 

We partner with the brands imbibed by vision.

Lengthbag: The Perfect Pick For You

Irrespective of what type of business you have, if it says “bags,” we got your back. Lengthbag zeroes in on your needs while continuing to produce what we feel is best. We work by combining our hardwood and dedication with your vision and ideas.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. We have always believed in this saying because we want to go far. Lengthbag stands for long-term relationships, and to nurture the relationship, we offer transparency, responsiveness, and accountability. Together, we can attain the best designs and highest quality and implement the perfect strategies. 

From the beginning to the transportation of the products, we take hold. Lengthbag supports these products:


Cosmetic bag | Backpack | Tote bag | Lunch bag | Waist bag | Luggage

With a wide range of products, Lengthbag takes pride in being committed to green manufacturing. We are eco-friendly backpack manufacturers. We focus on minute details with years of experience and expertise in the field. Our team conducts a strict screening process to ensure we use the finest material. 


Lengthbag strives to meet our client’s expectations, and with pure dedication and hard work, we introduce the best designs and quality products. Our authentic craftsmanship proves to be our superpower in the bag industry.