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Suppliers should recommend the best-selling products in the market within budget.


The company requires a range of recommendations according to customers' preferences. However, the market is changing so fast and many suppliers cannot adapt these changes in time; as such their suggestions are often never met with what's desired by both sides, even when trying really hard!


To make sure customer stays on top of the competition, Our experienced designers communicate with clients about their target audience and merchandise preferences, and provide weekly sample books for clients to choose from.


30% of our recommendations are selected by the customer, which is much higher than other suppliers.

״I'm always impressed by how Length knows exactly what we want. They're able to optimize their designs for our budget, and then deliver the whole project with great execution!״

Michel R.


Customer's feedback

About the Customer

This customer is a department store with more than 200 stores all over the world, They made their own private label bags with no experienced, which requires supplier with strong design recommendation ability.

Case #2 Department Store

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