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Customer need supplier is in the same boat with project management experience and strong supply chain organization to actively cooperate with them to satisfy the requirements of final customer.


Their customers' most important projects are all need to be tendered, and if the sampling is not fast and accurate enough then it's impossible for them to get orders.

Case #3 wholesaler

About the Customer

This customer is the leading promotion gift company established in 2005 in Netherlands, They're willing to deliver the perfect personalized gift​ in the most cost-effective, fastest and sustainable way to their customers. 


To ensure that we delivered on time and within budget, our project management staff analyzed the customer's requirements to create a detailed plan of action. They then followed up with them in order make sure everything is going according plans while staying organized at all times.


The customer was helped to win the most important bid, and increasing their sales by 150%.

״Length is amazing, They often deliver samples within a day after receiving comments, which helped us to establish a very positive image in front of our customers, I would not recommend Length to anyone if I could, especially competitors, Many times it was their professionalism and service that let us to win those important projects״

Simon S.

Senior Buyer

Customer's feedback

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