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5 Steps to Custom your private label cooler bag

Intro: I see you are bothering summertime and need some cooling staff. It's never too late to prepare cooler bags for your business.

The illustration shows an upward trend of cooler bags in most regions and predicts a notable increase in the following ten years.

Coolers & Insulated Bags Market Revenue Market Trend (%) by Region (2016-2028)

Due to the booming potential market, many cooler bag manufacturers are bouncing up. The following workflow and statistics come from Length. And most manufacturers function much the same and a little differently.



Step1: Identify requirements

Step2: Sampling

Step3: Production

Step4: Quality control

Step5: Shipping



Step 1: Identify Requirements:

  • Material:

According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the global cooler bag market is segmented by the following materials. Here I list their most effective characteristic to make a comparison.

  • Specification:

The cooler bag application varies in our daily life, ranging from fishing to school lunch containers. Based on Transparency Market Research, the application of cooler bags will increase a lot in 2027 compared to 2016.

Coolers & Insulated Bags Market Revenue Market Trend (%) by Application in 2016-2028

  • Printing:

Like other bags, most printing techniques can be used in cooler bags. Here I introduce the two most frequently used printing techniques. Stay tuned for more information in our next post.

  • Pantone colors

  • Large print sizes

  • Better coverage due to more enormous ink transfer

  • All materials

  • Screen printing 360

  • Bulk order

  • Templates cost

  • Patterns with a few colors

  • Photo quality

  • Large print sizes

  • Full color + white

  • Edge to edge

  • Digital printing 360 on cylindrical items

  • Patterns with more colors

  • Flexibility


Step 2: Sampling:

  • Approval sample:

After identifying your requirements, we will start producing the prototype.

The first sample can meet your needs in capacity, printing, material, and application.

  • Sales sample:

Based on your requirements, the details are essentially the same as the bulk production.

The sample is produced for your presentation of samples for collecting orders.

  • Pre-production sample:

After the arrival of the bulk material consistent with your requirements, we will use them to produce a pre-production sample.

And after your confirmation of the sample, we will start bulk production.

This sample would include a fabric label, woven label, and hangtag.

  • Production sample:

The last sample is sent to you before the shipment. This sample stands for the general quality of the whole production.

It functions as a reference for you to check the quality of the bulk production.


Step 3: Production:

The production stage is when we have half success! As for cooler bags, the time length is around 20-40 days. The whole process may vary according to the level of complexity of the material.


Step 4: Quality control:

Internal inspection:

  • Incoming inspection - Online inspection - Inspection before shipment

Here we have the incoming inspection. The machine in the first picture is intended to examine the quality of the fabric.

Online inspection sustains the whole process, which is used to ensure the production consistent with your requirements.

The final inspection is meant to inspect all details of the product, including visual looking and function ability, such as logo edging, trim raw wrinkling, the durability of zippers, etc.

  • Function inspection:

Our control system follows the AQL standard: critical defects: not allowed/major defects: 1.5/ minor defects: 2.5/major+minor <4.0

If you require higher standards or medical use, for example, we are able to provide a full inspection. Come to custom your own cooler bag.


Third-party inspection:

With the multiple procedures above, our inspection is capable of guaranteeing the stable quality of the production.

We can provide videos/pictures/reports of the production process to verify the quality.

Also, if still concerned with the production, you can authorize a third-party organization to examine the production.


Step 5: Shipping:

Congratulations! Here We come to the shipping stage. Since our goods are at a large capacity, we normally recommend maritime transport.

We provide strong DDP/CIF service for shipment.

Your nominated forwarder is also acceptable.

The below picture can give you an image of the process.



In 5 steps, you can custom your own cooler bags. The potential market creates a great opportunity for you to have access to cooler bags. Summertime is firing. Time to customize yourself with cooler bags!

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