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Verified by Official Organization Hey Social Good: A Sustainable Stamp of Approval

Intro: We are thrilled to announce that LENGTH has received official verification from Hey Social Good, a respected organization that assesses companies' social and environmental impact.

This verification serves as a significant milestone in our journey toward sustainability and showcases our commitment to making a positive difference in the fashion industry.

We are proud to be among the select companies that have earned this prestigious verification, reaffirming our mission to create fashion that is not only stylish but also sustainable.



How do they assess the company?

What does LENGTH have to be verified?




Hey Social Good is a social impact data analytics company working to capture multi-disciplinary data and use deep learning analytics to provide affordable and easy-to-understand social impact metrics.

They work to connect businesses to social impact data and offer a Social Good Saas platform to rapidly verify the social, environmental, and governance data of businesses and supply chain operators to reward progress and show social good.


We are honored to have a meeting with them during the Magic show on Aug. 2023.


How do they assess the company?

Generally, they select the company based on below12 categories.

And LENGTH is verified in bags that give back category of course.

HEY SOCIAL GOOD encourages sustainable and recycled materials for bag manufacturing.

These are fabrics made from cutting recycled plastic bottles into tiny chip pieces and then reformed to make a malleable fabric.

The recycled plastic bottle fabric is then used to make clothing, shoes, and activewear.  Instead of burying plastic bottles in landfill or dumping them in the ocean, we’re reusing, updating, and innovating!


What does LENGTH have? Complete and authoritative certificates

For 12 years, we have been inspected by the market and fulfilled with the below certificates, especially in the recycled material.

Comprehensive recycled fabric

LENGTH has extensive experience in working with recycled materials, including nylon, rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), cotton, and hemp.

With a deep understanding of the environmental benefits and the potential of recycled materials, LENGTH has successfully incorporated them into its product offerings.

  • Nylon, a type of synthetic material derived from recycled nylon, is known for its durability and strength.

  • rPET, conversely, is a popular choice for LENGTH due to its versatility and ability to be transformed into various products, such as clothing and accessories.

  • Moreover, LENGTH has also explored the usage of recycled cotton and hemp, both known for their sustainable properties and ability to be converted into high-quality textiles.

Through their expertise in working with these recycled materials, LH has demonstrated their commitment to sustainable practices and the promotion of a circular economy.

Extensive Recycled Bag Production

With a strong focus on sustainability, we recognize the significance of reducing waste and utilizing recycled materials in their manufacturing process.

Our extensive experience in recycled bag production is evident in the high quality and durability of their products.

Whether it is a versatile and eco-friendly tote bag, a functional and stylish backpack, or a sturdy and sustainable piece of luggage, it ensures that each item is carefully crafted using recycled materials.

By offering a wide selection of recycled bags, we not only cater to the needs of environmentally conscious consumers but also contribute to the promotion of a greener and more sustainable future.



LENGTH's commitment to sustainability and expertise in working with recycled materials has been recognized and verified by Hey Social Good.

Hey Social Good is a reputable organization that assesses companies' social and environmental impact. Their verification of LENGTH emphasizes the company's dedication to promoting a circular economy and reducing waste through the use of recycled materials.


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