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What is Quilted Bag and Their Types

Intro: Quilted bags are made by sewing and stuffing the cloth into diagonal designs. You can make it in many different sizes and designs. That's what google tells me.

Honestly, it's easy to distinguish quilted bags from other items.

It has diamond-shaped patterns on its surface. It feels soft and warm. It looks expensive, especially when there's a Chanel logo on it.

Yes, the famous Chanel.



History of Quilted Bags




History of Quilted Bag

The origin of the quilted bag must data back to Chanel.

It was created in February 1955.

It wasn't the first Chanel-designed bag. That honor belongs to a piece created in 1929, but the 2.55 was modified for practical reasons.

"I got fed up with holding my purses in my hands and losing them, so I added a strap and carried them over my shoulder" Chanel was reported as saying in Coco Chanel by Justine Picardie.

Besides, the quilted pattern was used to be applied by boys working in the stables. The quilted leather, now so synonymous with the brand, is thought to be in honor of Coco's love of riding as a girl.



Although the quilted bag was originally designed as a handbag, the application of this pattern has been employed in many other categories, such as backpacks, lunch bags, etc.

  • Backpack

Quilted backpack mainly features the exterior outlook the classic diamond-shaped patterns.

Since the backpack itself is already fully functional, there's no need to worry about its functionality.

For example, the handbag once added metal chains on purpose to help relieve people's hands for other stuff. The chain enables them to hold the bag on their shoulder.

While the backpack has been equipped with shoulder belts under most circumstances. So, there is no need for functional concern. All we need is to consider whether it hits people's aesthetics.

The same reality can be found in other bags, such as lunch bags, tote bags,s and so on.

  • Tote bag

As for quilted tote bags, there are many variants of the exterior surface, in spite of the traditional diamond-shaped patterns.

For example, the following quilted tote bag is shaped like slides of waves.

Crafted from ultra-lightweight nylon, this spacious style features a zip-top closure and multiple pockets (inside and out) to keep small items always within reach.

  • Lunch Bag

Yes, the lunch bag can also apply quilted patterns on its exterior surface.

It's easy to understand since no matter whether backpacks or tote bags both can be crafted with nylon.

The differences between the quilted bag and the regular one lie in the outer surface. The interior is generally the same as the regular.

So, there is no need to worry about the cooling capacity of quilted lunch bags.

Besides, don't you think the exterior look like the down jackets we wear in winter? The lunch bag seems to be warmer visually.

  • Waist Bag

The quilted waist bag is crafted with diamond patterns on the front side. The front is patched with uniquely shaped patterns.

The interior is the same as traditional waist bags. The inside can contain phones, cards, and other small items.

Also, the waist bag, as a small object, can be combined with other bags. It's reasonable to establish the collection set, backpack with waist bag, or even jackets with waist bag.

  • More Quilted Bags

You may notice there is a small bag beside the waist bag.

With all matters concerned, we can conclude that the size, materials, and construction of bags do no effect on the exterior quilted patterns.



The functionality of the Chanel bag can be found in its versatility—it has managed to be the perfect accessory, be its wearer in jeans or black -tie, for more than half a century, invading not only our wardrobes but our cultural consciousness as well.

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