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21LE02026 Printing Bag Set S2

  • Specification:


    Cosmetic Bag: 11*18*3cm; Neceser: 14*20*7cm

    Bum Bag: 13*30&6cm; Toiletry Bag: 22*30*7cm

    Laptop: 28*39*6cm; Weekend Bag: 31*28*11cm

    Tote Bag: 46*48*1cm; Backpack: 31*28*11cm

    Crossbody Bag: 21*30*2cm

    Fabric: Polyester

  • More Informaiton:

    We are professional with printing material, will help you control the budget of mould charge.

  • Contact Info.


    Mob/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 13913876040

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