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Anti-Theft Backpack - Upgrade to be Impeccabile

Intro: Once upon a time, my friend complained to me about her unlucky experience in a foreign country. She intended to sign a contract with her business partner. They sat in a restaurant, chatting leisurely.

"He just came to ask me to sign my name, holding the paper above my phone, which I put at hand." She recalled.

You can guess the end. She went through 4 tough days without her phone. You may wonder: Why not call the police?

"They patiently listen to our recalling about the process and told us to wait since such an event is quite normal here!”

Here we may regret not putting the phone inside the bag. The next incident can give you some sights.

When they finally were on the railway back to the hotel, the tragedy happened once again.

At this time, the phone was put completely inside the bag, held by her colleague. However, they found no phones when they got off the train.

"The front fabric was cut by a knife." She told me.

Is there any method to prevent such an occurrence? If I had predicted her experience, I would recommend anti-theft bags.



How does the bag protect you from theft?



Upgrade the Backpack against Theft

RFID Protection Layer:

Apart from the physical theft above, there are also methods to "steal" without touching people at all. All the thief need is an RFID scanner.

The crucial point to resisting RFID signals lies in the materials we choose to sew inside the bag. More about RFID blocking material and process.

The blog explains that metal is capable of blocking RFID signals. As a result, the material used to manufacture the fabric needs the component of metal.

In general, the fabric consists of 3 layers:

The 3 layers combined protect ID cards or phones from RFID scanners.

When it comes to bags, the 3 layers are the so-called RFID protection layer. It functions to resist electronic waves.


Then, how can we prevent traditional theft? The solution relies on the components of the backpacks.

Before transforming into an anti-theft backpack, it has every function of a regular backpack.

What we do is upgrade those components to confront various situations.


Zippers have two crucial components. One focuses on the puller. To protect the stuff inside, directly adding a lock to the zipper is an accessible solution. Both side lock and additional lock are accessible.

Another crucial transformation lies in the zipper chain. When we test the durability of the zippers, we try to use a pen to stab through the zipper chain.

So how to strengthen the zipper to make it cut-resistant ranks first.

The below are normal zipper VS puncture resistant zipper.

“RCW" is a zipper with a double racquet coil chain. The racquet coil was designed for bags and backpacks, where resistance to abrasion is required.

The double-element structure more than doubled the chain's resistance to puncture compared to the normal zipper. It prevents the chain from being easily punctured with pens and other similar objects.

If still concerned with the threat of theft, a hidden zipper design is a favorable choice. An invisible zipper is a zipper with very fine teeth. It's sewn into a garment in such a way that it makes the zipper invisible, hidden in a seam.

Since it's concealed completely, it's also called concealed zipper. Invisible zippers are available in fewer sizes and colors.


Scratch-resistant Fabric:

When selecting materials for backpacks, we usually confuse 200D, 400D, and 600D. What does the "D" stand for?

D, Denier = g/L * 9000, where g is the weight of the thread (grams), and L is the length of the thread (meters).

You do not need to remember what formula, it actually expresses the weight of the thread per unit length.

For example, many backpack bottom fabrics with DuPont's 1000D nylon, which possesses high density and performs good durability.

In other parts of the backpack less prone to wear, the material can be 600D or 420D nylon, their relative density should be smaller.

In conclusion, the larger the number before D, the heavier the fabric in the same area.

To reach the standard of scratch resistance, the "D" of the fabric has to be high enough.



The various means of theft require the product to have the power to confront different conditions, no matter RFID scanners or slashes by knives.

Suiting the backpack with powerful shields is a matter of urgency.

An anti-theft backpack is a necessity, irreplaceable and indispensable. Loss of property is hard to come back from, as loss of private information.

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