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How to customize your luggage accessories: a guide book to make your luggage different

Intro: Are you tired of the dull and uninteresting luggage in your inventory? Need some fresh air?

Behave your luggage as a soldier. He needs decoration and equipment to battle against enemies in the field.

Luggage accessories are the perfect solution.



Personalize luggage accessories



Personalize luggage accessories:


Luggage Tag:

Luggage tags are identification cards to you, and it helps airport agents to track lost luggage through the information inside the tag.

Generally, we write first and last name/email address/cell phone number on the card instead of putting the social security number directly.

The tag is meant to help identify our luggage rather than exposure our privacy.

Luggage Tags Business Card Holder Aluminum Metal Travel ID Bag Tag

The luggage tag on the picture is made of aluminium, a frequently used material for tags.

The luggage tag is made of 4 parts: name card/protective film/ metal tag/stainless steel. The 4-part structure is typical of most luggage tags.

More materials of luggage tags are as follows :

Silicone Aluminium PU


RFID Accessories:

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. This is the technology that allows wireless transmission of information via radio waves.

It is very likely that you have a credit or debit card equipped with an RFID chip, or tag, in your wallet/passport bag when travelling.

What is RFID? A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

The technology is initially innovated for express identity checks in airports, effectively preventing long queues and saving time.

However, the RFID chip may breed information leakage. This is when you need RFID accessories.

RFID accessories in luggage include passport wallets/ neck pouches/ waist bags, etc.

Wallet Neck pouch Waist bag

With an emphasis on safety, the RFID bag features some of the most prominent safety technology. It features the YKK® zippers, the safest zips that are used widely.

Of course, there's the RFID card protector; your personal belongings will always be safe with our bum bag. It's got a water-resistant coating, so even heavy rains won't be able to bother you.


Luggage Scale:

The luggage scale suits people afraid of overloading their luggage, and this tool can effectively prevent extra payment for overweight stuff.

YYGJ Luggage Scale ORIA Scale with Ruler Etekcity Luggage Scale

As part of the accessory, the luggage scale features its high usefulness, almost indispensable for luggage owners.

To be noticed, the parameters of the luggage, such as size, weight, colour, and material, do not affect the custom of luggage luck.


Luggage Lock:

It makes sense that travellers want to protect their valuables while sending their luggage into the unknowns of the airport.

A luggage lock is crucial for the whole case. And people may wonder if there is any method to avoid damaging their luggage during the security check.

Here are three popular types of luggage locks.

Fingerprint Padlock Combination Padlock Forge Quality TSA

The normal lock equips with a key to unlock the luggage. The most outstanding advantage is its cheapness.

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration approved luggage lock. Only you and TSA agents have access to your luggage inside.

Fingerprints liberate people from the burden of carrying bulky keys and remembering combination digitals, which are convenient during the busy airport lobby.


Luggage Cover:

The luggage cover is a protection cover shaped just as the luggage size to protect the luggage from damage exterior, such as rainwater, dust and stains, etc.

The cover is generally made of elastic material/ PEVA/PVC. The soft and lightweight traits make it convenient for travellers to fold up and store inside the case.

Elastic material PEVA rPET


Packing Organization:

A packing organization is a set of packing bags that can be perfectly placed inside the luggage.

The number of bags ranges from 4 - 8pieces. And the materials usually are polyester, PVC and so on.

The designated size of each bag makes it in line with the size of the luggage.

5 Set Packing Cubes 5 Set Packing Nylon Cubes 4 / Packs PVC Plastic Cube

Generally, the six types comprise the whole pack. 7 or 8 sets are six bags above and more sizes of mesh bags.

Each bag is designated to be filled with different stuff. And the combination can perfectly fill the whole suitcase.


Luggage Strap:

Often, a bump or drop on a corner can strain the closure, even on quality luggage. A suitcase strap will keep the bag closed and the contents intact.

Colourful straps make it easier to spot your bag on the carousel when arriving. Some brands add extra security with a TSA-approved lock and identification tag.

Elastic Luggage Straps Cross Luggage Straps Elastic Strap Belt

Normal straps are adjustable and equips with a buckle to hold the case body.

Unique designs can also be available. To be noticed, that some straps even possess a TSA lock to protect the case body.

Other packing methods are as the picture three above. It is also adjustable and elastic.


Cup Holder:

As its name implies, a cup holder is an additional "bag" meant to hold water bottles or coffee cups.

There are two types of cup holders for luggage: hard holders on the back of the case and soft holders removable on the trolley pole.

Wrangler Smart Luggage Set with Cup Holder riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder

Hard holders are made of ABS and installed in the back of the case, breaking the luggage's surface permanently. However, the holder can be folded into the back.

Soft holders are made of polyester and detachable. People are free to choose the holder or not without breaking the case of the luggage.

Here is the comparison between the two cup holders above.



Luggage accessories have a wide range. Every subject above can be customized according to the luggage.

The fierce market needs people who make complete preparation.

So come to equip your luggage with custom accessories.

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