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The 10 Hottest Premium Cooler Bag Brands 2022

Intro: Welcome to the ultimate page of the ten hottest premium cooler bag brands. We have compiled the top-rated soft and hard coolers you can take on trips and picnics.

We have tested the coolers based on their ice retention power, insulation, padded shoulder straps, storage capacity, and cost. Let's get started!


1. Yeti Cooler - Best of the Rest Soft Coolers Manufacturer

It all started in 2006 when two brothers began making coolers that could keep ice for many days. Since then, there has been no looking back.

Yeti is known for its high-quality products. Here you may get a vast range of coolers that may broadly be divided into:

  • Hard coolers

  • Soft coolers

Difference between Hard and Soft Cooler

  • The significant difference is between the outer casing. The soft-sided cooler is typically lighter in weight.

  • It has a fabric or vinyl exterior. Also, it weighs less than a plastic-bodied hard-sided cooler.

  • Soft coolers have less capacity as compared to hard-sided coolers.

  • Yeti's cooler backpack is the best solution to take while traveling.


  • They have long-lasting ice retention power.

  • They have a thick insulated wall that helps to keep things cool for longer.

  • The roto-molded plastic used in Yeti coolers makes them last longer. In contrast, the blow-molded plastic is not as strong.

  • Yeti is one of those brands that people love to have. Their high-quality products and outstanding campaigns make them people’s first choice.

  • It's more than a decade since when Yeti has been serving. Its good products and uncompromised quality has made it one of the most trustworthy cooler bag brands.

  • You may get a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs of cooler bags at Yeti.

So, if you want to make your trip memorable while enjoying ice-frozen drinks, Yeti coolers are the best solution.

However, these are the most expensive coolers on the market. But high-quality products are worth it.


2. Pelican Coolers

Pelican is another trustworthy name for hard-sided cooler bags. Thanks to the press and pull latches, the Pelican cooler bags retain cooling for days.

The ice retention test conducted on these coolers reveals that the comprehensive locking system by the latches is a significant factor behind the more prolonged cooling.

Pelican Coolers Best Features

  • They are available in variable sizes from 20 – 250quarts.

  • You may get various designs as you switch to variable sizes.

  • These are the rotomolded coolers with great thick walls.

  • The wall thickness may vary between 2 to 5 inches.

  • It has a thick gasket. This freezer-grade quality seal makes it stand out among other coolers.

  • These hard coolers are extremely tough.

  • These coolers also enjoy a lifetime warranty.

  • Bottle openers are the necessary feature of the best cooler bag. Pelican coolers have a steel built-in bottle opener in the base lid.

You can conveniently put this cooler in your truck, van, or boat. Its molded tie-down slots with anti-skid feet leave no marks on the truck bed.

Also, the rubber feet are raised above the ground to retain ice for longer. Pelican's larger cooler works even better - thanks to the drain plug threaded to it.

All in all, Pelican provides you with a wide range of top-notch:

  • Soft cooler

  • Backpack coolers

  • Wheeled coolers


3. Branded Carhartt Soft Cooler Bags

Since 1889 Carhartt has been serving working people globally. The mission of this company is to facilitate the people who work hard.

In this regard, Carhartt manufactures top-grade lunch bags for hardworking people. These backpack coolers have thick insulation that keeps your food cold/hot for many hours.

Carhart backpack cooler has zippered pockets to put spoons, forks, or other accessories. This soft cooler is ideal for keeping cans and taking this bag to picnics, concerts, or beach trips.

The ample cooler space makes it possible for you to keep clothes for an overnight trip. You may also get a 2-in-1 insulated cooler and coolers for men, women, and kids.

It is one of the best soft-sided coolers to take with you while at a picnic or going for daily office work.

These coolers are available in variable sizes, colors, and designs. You may contact LengthBag for more details or order a cooler bag.


4. RTIC Cooler Bags with Bottle Opener

RTIC is a renowned cooling bag manufacturer providing a cost-effective solution. The vision and mission of the company are to facilitate you with top-notch products.

But having high-quality products never means paying high costs for it. RTIC brings your dream to reality.

The company provides you with long-lasting, hard-core cooling bags at competitive prices. So, enjoy your trips with the ultimate RTIC hard and soft cooler.

The ice retention test conducted on RTIC bags concluded that these bags could keep the drinks ice cold for up to 10 days. You can also keep dry ice in it.

RTIC cooler bags are available in variable sizes and colors. Some coolers have dividers in them to keep your cans and food separately.

Varying styles are available for soft coolers. Like many soft coolers, RTIC's inexpensive cooler has a zippered pocket. You can conveniently put small accessories in it.

With the shoulder strap, you can effortlessly carry RTIC's backpack cooler. The foam insulation boosts the cooling power of these coolers, making them a perfect cooler with decent ice retention.


5. Coleman Coolers Brand

In the 1950s, Coleman started its journey as a cooler bags manufacturing company. For all these years, Coleman has become a necessity for outdoor activities.

Coleman believes that the outside is calling. So bring your tent, grab a chair, and put your necessities in the truck bed to enjoy and break from hectic routines.

You may get a wide range of hard coolers, soft coolers, wheeled coolers, backpack coolers, and accessories at Coleman.

Coleman's heavy-duty hard coolers are ideal for car camping. These rotomolded coolers can hold ice for many days.

The large Cooler can keep several cold beverages for you, your friends, and your family. The in-built bottle openers are the added facility. Also, the drain plug enables the cooler to maintain the ambient temperature.

The wheels make mobility convenient. Solid and robust handles help you effortlessly drag your Coleman cooler.

You may also get a backpack cooler at Colemen in various colors and styles. The added exterior pockets add space for your accessories.


6. REYLEO Hard Cooler Brand

looking for good-looking outdoor gear?

Reyleo is the particular cooler that looks good and serves better. Reyleo is a unique brand that offers only one style of the cooler in variable colors.

This cooler is available only in one size. However, the fantastic cooler has all the features a cooler must-have for road trips.

It is among the cheaper coolers that keep your crushed ice frozen for several hours. The built-in bottle opener, cup holders, drain plug, and latching mechanism are among the best coolers.

The fish ruler on top of the lid makes it convenient to weigh the fish while fishing. The four non-slip feet make the cooler stand firmly in your car or truck.

The thick polyurethane insulation adds to the ice retention for up to 3 days. This large cooler inside is suitable for up to 3 cold drinks.

This cooler is a fantastic choice for weekend car camping and not for a week's trip.


7. CleverMade Collapsible Coolers

Isn't it amazing to have a collapsible cooler?

It will be much easier to store a collapsed cooler than bulky hard coolers in your pantry.

Since 2013 CleaverMade has been manufacturing space-saving products. The company's target s to manufacture things that make your daily life simpler.

Like most soft coolers, CleverMade coolers also come in variable colors and sizes. The backpack style cooler with mesh pockets and padded shoulder straps is easy to carry.

They have a vast storage capacity to accommodate your trip's necessities.

You may find innovatively designed cooler bags at CleverMade. For example, an insulated six can cooler named sixer sling is a long tube-shaped cooler to carry six cola cans.

You can conveniently collapse the cooler flat. It will be easier for you to take it anywhere. It also has an integrated bottle opener that adds to your comfort.


8. Arctic Zone Insulated Soft Coolers

Arctic Zone is the market-leading soft cooler manufacturing company serving since 1986. It is a well-known manufacturing company:

  • Soft Cooler

  • Hard Coolers

  • Backpack Cooler

  • Rolling Cooler

  • Duffel Bag

  • Collapsible Coolers

  • Zipperless Soft Coolers with Hard-Liners

  • Deep Freeze - High-Quality Coolers

The welded seams Deep Freeze Titan coolers are the warriors. You can take them anywhere.

These coolers are stain, puncture, and water-resistant.

Similarly, Arctic Zone's Titan rolling coolers are portable with removable terrain carts. The zipperless coolers are the game-changers. These are easy to open and convenient to use deep freeze bags.

Most soft coolers have cup holders, foam insulation, waterproof zipper, and padded shoulder strap, making them among the best soft coolers.


9. Igloo Soft Coolers Manufacturer

Since 1947, Igloo has been manufacturing products that may bring happiness to its users. Soft coolers are a part of this happiness.

Igloo manufactures hard and soft coolers. It keeps the drinks cold and ensures that no ice melts before 24 hours.

You may get hard and soft cooler in variable styles, sizes, designs, and colors. Among many other coolers, Igloo possesses a unique position.

You may get funky and stylish cooler bags here. For example, you may choose a soft cooler from the following:

  • Disney Collection

  • Sanrio Hello Kitty

  • The Fashion Iconic Luxe Collection

  • Best Seller BMX (Blow Molded) Collection for Extended Ice Retention

All these and many other coolers are available at Igloo to serve as your best outdoor gear.


10. Corkcicle Backpack Cooler Bags Brand

Corkcicle is the ultimate solution for keeping your drinks chilled without the mess of melted ice. You may find stylish coolers with mesh pockets and welded seams.

Corkcicle soft coolers are ideal for road trips. You can carry them in style while moving with your friends and family.

The padded shoulder strap gives you the comfort to carry it fr a prolonged period. For example, the Eola Bucket Bag is a small cooler that is easy to carry and gives you a chic look.

You can conveniently place your wine bottles or soda cans in it while hiking or car camping.

The waterproof zipper pocket allows you to keep your phone, keys, or other accessories while walking around.

It is one of the best choices when you want utility with style.


Final Words

You can choose the best suited for your road tris among the above-mentioned cooler bag brands.

Whether you need a small cooler, a hard or a soft cooler, a backpack, or a rolling cooler, you have a wide range of choices.

The primary factor to consider is how long the back can retain ice, air-tight zippers, comfortable straps, storage capacity, and cost.

We wish you could find the best cooler for you that may serve as your best road companion.

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