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What to care about in selecting zipper

Intro: Pick! Pull! Push!

It feels so comforting to enjoy the pushing process on the condition that the zipper is fluent.

When selecting zippers, our first move tends to be pushing the puller to test if the zipper is fluent. We take fluency into consideration as a priority.

Specific to the luggage zipper, we pay attention to the durability at the same time.

It’s like a universal consensus we always fill in the case more than its official capacity, no matter which luggage size we buy.

An overloaded case requires high standards for zippers’ durability. In the store, we normally try to use a pen to stab through the zipper chain.

If stay complete, we are convinced the zipper is strong enough to hold our overload stuff. If not, I’m afraid we’d better prepare an additional luggage strap.

So to choose a convenient zipper, what to care about? Before answering this question, we need to dig deeper inside the zipper.



Structure of zipper

What to choose



Structure of zippers

Broadly speaking, we are inclined to divide the zipper into two parts: the puller and elements, which are also what we are familiar with.


To achieve our intended results, we normally add modifications to the puller and elements.


What to choose:

  • Metal Puller

The most frequently applied zipper has to be metal zippers, which are cheap and easy to present logos.

Metal Zipper Pulls

  • Rubber / Silicone Zipper Puller

In general, it is quite hard to distinguish between rubber and silicone zippers.

Only when you touch them in person can you differentiate them separately.

The most difference lies in the price. Normally, silicone zippers are more expensive. That's for its high stability, little color absorption, and environmental friendliness.

The high stability allows the puller to survive its quality under extreme situations, such as high temperatures.

Another important advantage is its little color absorption. Imagine the dark fabric equipped with white pullers. The regular rubber puller has a potential risk of being stained with black dots.